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Good Karma is a Milan-based production company founded in 2022, when the president of Samka Group and experienced producer Caterina Vacchi joined forces to build a new Italian reality for the production of animated and live action shows for a variety of target audiences.

Being part of an international group like Samka, Good Karma makes use of a worldwide web of connections to create Original IPs which are specifically tailored to travel. From the research on the perfect idea and the early stages of development, to the shooting and post-production, Good Karma’s team is equipped to supervise every step of a new project.

Additionally, the company is responsible for the distribution on the Italian territory of the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Studios.

CATERINA VACCHI – CEO and Executive Producer

Caterina has more than 20 years of experience in the kids entertainment business.

At the age of 30, she founded one of the biggest production companies in Italy and has produced around 100 hours of animation and live action.

At Good Karma, Caterina manages the company’s overall operations, i.e. driving profitability, overseeing the organizational structure, defining the company’s strategy, and implementing the line-up. As Executive Producer, she oversees the development of the properties in the portfolio. She also deals with the TV commissioners and with the legal, financial, and marketing aspects of the projects.

Caterina drives the whole process, from the development, with a focus on the writing of the “bible and first scripts”, to the supervision of the entire production once the series is financed.


NICCOLÒ SACCHI – Executive Producer and Head of Production

Niccolò began his career in one of the leader advertising companies in Italy, where he worked as post-production supervisor first, and then as executive producer for hundreds of animated and hybrid tv spots.

As Head of Production and Executive Producer at Good Karma, he manages, coordinates, and supervises every aspect of the production process, both from a creative and a practical point of view.

Niccolò is also a show runner and a director: during his 20+ years of experience in the entertainment business, he has directed and co-directed animated and live action series for children and teens, coordinating at the same time all the international partners involved in the co-productions.


BARBARA ALBERGHINI – Senior Production Assistant

Barbara has extensive experience in animation advertisement, VFX, online and graphic design, which she gained by working for many years in a post-production company based in Milan.

As a Senior Production Assistant at Good Karma, she plays a number of different roles in the coordination and supervision of the production process, focusing in particular on all the aspects related to post-production, VFX and motion graphics.

She has been working with the team for a long time and has collaborated in the production of animated and live action shows.


BEATRICE GUZZETTI – Script Coordinator

Beatrice has a background in foreign languages, screenwriting and production, and has experience as a writer for kids’ TV series..

At Good Karma, her focus is on the development of new projects, from the scouting of ideas and writers to the actual writing of bible, outlines and scripts. She also manages the interaction with the broadcasters.

She served as story editor for a teen mystery live action, both before shooting and on set. In addition to that, she supervises the projects’ dubbing process.

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CEO and Executive Producer


Executive Producer and Head of Production


Senior Production Assistant


Script Coordinator



SAMKA GROUP is a small constellation of 7 companies.

Our companies are based in France (Paris, Angoulême, Tourcoing), England (London), Italy (Milan) and Israel (Tel Aviv), and include international distribution, animation and fiction production (prime time and youth), and 2D and 3D manufacturing studios.
The managers of our subsidiaries are experienced and highly regarded in their markets. They work in close collaboration and in good spirits.

We offer our associates, customers and partners the best of both worlds: we combine the strength of a diversified international group with the agility and creativity of boutique companies.

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Samka (Paris) produces animated series. Original creations and adaptations of highly successful comic strips. Headed by Samuel Kaminka, the company aims to entertain children the world over.

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Fiction & Documentaries

Founded by Stéphane Kaminka and Samuel Kaminka, KAM&KA (Paris) produces prime-time fiction. The company is currently developing a dozen projects in all genres, as well as two ongoing series for France Télévisions and TF1. The 18 hours already produced have each been well received by critics and met with audience success.

Discover KAM&KA link

Headed by Yair Sklan, Sklan&Ka (Tel-Aviv) produces documentaries , kids, teens and prime-time fiction series. Firmly focused on the international market, the company combines the creativity of Israeli talent with a strong international network.

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GOOD KARMA (Milan) produces children’s fiction, animated series and develops prime-time fiction. Directed by Caterina Vacchi, the company brings Italian talent to the international market.

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UNIQUE ANIMATION (Angoulême), headed by Samuel Kaminka, is a service and executive production company specializing in the production of digital 2D animation series (character and set design, animation and special effects).

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KAZOO Animation, in partnership with Blue Zoo, where the art of captivating storytelling and beautiful animation intertwine. Nestled in the city of Tourcoing, France, our esteemed studio serves as a sanctuary for nurturing creative talent and fostering innovation. Experience our passion for crafting compelling animated stories with vibrant characters in series and feature film animation, destined to inspire a global audience.



Jetpack is a leader in independent distribution. Ranked the world’s best kids distributor by Kidscreen in 2021/2022, the company headed by Dominic Gardiner sells a catalog of over 900 hours of children and family content worldwide, from more than 60 international producers.

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