Created in 2022, GOOD KARMA is an Italian boutique production company specialized in the development and production of animation, kids/teen live action and drama.

Our productions •

Live action|20 x 22' SPIN
Family|10 x 30' SNOW BLACK (Season 2)

About us •

Good Karma is a Milan-based production company founded in 2022

The president of Samka Group and experienced producer Caterina Vacchi joined forces to build a new Italian reality for the production of animated and live action shows for a variety of target audiences.

Being part of an international group like Samka, Good Karma makes use of a worldwide web of connections to create Original IPs which are specifically tailored to travel. From the research on the perfect idea and the early stages of development, to the shooting and post-production, Good Karma’s team is equipped to supervise every step of a new project.

Additionally, the company is responsible for the distribution on the Italian territory of the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Studios.